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OKA Studio

We draw our inspiration from a combination of extensive architectural experience, in-depth study of the client's dreams and practical needs, detailed familiarity with the project, and constant updating in architectural practice.

Right from the start, each project has a special concept and the entire plan is based on it. Starting from its initial presentation stage, through details in plans, facades, and sections to the smallest details. The flow to the idea is drawn from hard work and our belief that places the customer at the center. Eventually, the outcome is greater than the sum of its part.

The living spirit of the firm is the human environment: two partners and a team of architects and designers. The firm was established in 1985 by architect Orit Willenberg, according to a quality standard (ISO SGS 9001). The firm established a strategic partnership with one of the largest architectural firms in the world - HOK.

Our leadership is expressed in the ability of the entire team to follow the bigger dream on the one hand and plan until the last detail on the other hand, while constantly looking at the project in its overall context including the budget, program, project integration, and its maximum suitability to the customer's needs.

Keren Jedwab 


Orit Willenberg 

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