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Trial Court Kiryat Shmona Architects

Public Building

Kiryat Shmona Courthouse





Ministry of Justice

Kiryat Shmona, Israel


3,000 sq.m


Interior Design

Planning + Urban Design

Sustainable Design

The three-story building contains four courtrooms with an area of ​​3,000 sqm.

Priority has been given to smart and easy planning for all the populations staying in the place - judges, detainees, workers and the general public while maintaining the partition of movement between the three systems. The judges enter from the lower floor, the crowd and the workers from the street floor.

The building is covered with hard materials, basalt stone is used - naturally in the area. The way inside is covered with a pergola of aluminum beams, a rectangular curtain wall box and an elongated window about 6 meters high that looks from the outside as a groove in the shape of a triangular prism illuminating the place. From the lower floor rises a eucalyptus tree that was preserved from the beginning of the works. The second judgment floor faces the entrance floor, and in its northwest corner, there is an internal patio which can be seen from the main street.

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