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Public Building

Treblinka Visitor Center Offer





Warsaw Municipality

Treblinka, Poland


1,000 sq.m



Interior Design

Planning + Urban Design

Sustainable Design

The museum is a monument in the memory of the victims who were murdered in the extermination camp, and those who were buried at the place where the museum is located. 
The entrance creates a feeling of descending underground or descending into the mass grave. All the way into the foyer is made on a sloping concrete surface, creating a feeling of instability and unconsciousness towards what is about to come.


The foyer is mostly transparent, and the parts that were allegedly taken from the closed box are used as walls. The transparent wall of the foyer gives a sense of looking from the ground into the ground and out of the ground.


The departure ascending, towards the east of the Land of Israel, symbolizes the departure from death to life, new life in the Land of Israel - resurrection and unification. At the exit there is a use of land that was brought from the Land of Israel, to strengthen the desired feeling. 

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