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Sabra Strauss group
Richmond Virginia, USA

In Process

40,000 sq.m



Interior Design

Planning + Urban Design

Sustainable Design

Sabra is a subsidiary of the Israeli “Strauss-Elite” Corporation. As the demand for healthy, authentic, and close-to-nature food grow among the North American market, Sabra was identified as a symbol of healthy food. The high demand called upon growth in manufacture and marketing.

As part of the factory complex which has a total of 40,000 square meters, a visitor center was planned. At the 1,400 square meters center the visitor goes through the experience of hummus making (chickpeas salad) and other salads, one can even take part in the process, taste the products and watch the packaging.

A restaurant offering Sabra's various products can be found in the complex as well. At the administrative section, there is a cafeteria, offices, and management alongside a protected patio that is lit in natural light using a unique skylight.

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