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Public Building

Ganei Aviv Community Center





Ganei Aviv Community Center

Lod, Israel


1,000 sqm



Landscape Planning

Planning + Urban Design

Sustainable Design

The building of the community center includes various wings: music, sports and dance, plastic arts, technology classes and a multi-purpose hall. 

The building is designated for integrated uses that vary during the day for the various populations in the community - in the morning a day center for the elderly, in the afternoon classes for children. Sometimes in the afternoon, there are also movie shows and various events.



We draw our inspiration from a combination of extensive architectural experience, in-depth study of the client’s dreams and practical needs, detailed knowledge of the project and constant updating of the architectural practice.

From the beginning, each project has a special concept that is in the background of the work, from its initial stage, through the details in plans, fronts and sections to the smallest details. The flow to the idea is drawn from profound thinking that places the customer at the center. This flow allows for the flexibility required when thinking of the many features that assemble the total project.

The living spirit of the firm is the human surrounding: two partners and a large team of architects and professionals (16 employees). The firm was established in 1985 by architect Orit Giladi and we have a strategic partnership with one of the world’s largest architectural firms - HOK. We work according to the quality standard (ISO SGS 9001).

Our leadership reflects the ability of the entire team not to forget the dream on the one hand and to go into details on the other, while constantly guarding, the project in a full context of the budget, programs, integration of the project into its environment and its maximum adjustment to the client.

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